Operational Simulation of the Light Rail System of the Public Transportation Company of Cologne (Timetable 2007/2008), 2007

Development of Operational Concepts for the Light Rail Line 1 of the Stadtbahn Saar GmbH, 2007

Simulation of Scenarios with a Nemo-Module "Strategic Network Planning", 2007

Adaptions and Enhancements of Functions and Application Areas of NEMO at ÖBB, 2006-2007

Ecotrans: Commuter Rail Service Potentials of the Long Bien - Bac Ninh Railway Line (Hanoi, Vietnam), Subproject "Travel to the Region", 2006-2007

Extension of the Passenger Transport System (PTS) of the Airport Frankfurt/Main, 2005-2007

TREND - Towards new Rail freight quality and concepts in the European Network in respect to Demand, 2004-2007

Development of a Slot Management Computer System. Aim of the Project is an Approach of an Internet Based Stock Exchange Market Place of Slots, 2004-2007

Further Researches of the Capacity of the Light Rail Line 2 for the Light Rail System Saar, 2006

Simulation of Scenarios with a Nemo-Module "Strategic Network Planning", 2005-2006

Enhancement of Eco-Transit, 2004-2006

Development and implementation of "Simulation of short term planning" with RailSys® version 4.0, 2005-2006

Intermodality of the Airport Hannover - Value Capability, 2005

Summerschool "Railway Operation Research" at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 2005

Adaptation of SOG for Network Rail, London, UK, 2005

Enhancement of software for creating digital drawings of switches, 2005

Impact of rail grinding of track life-cycle-costs, 2004-2005

Risk analysis <3do> - Evaluation of the hazards of the railway operation to the planned shopping centre in the main station Dortmund, 2004-2005

TREN/E2/26-2003 Acceptance criteria and assessment methodologies for safety certificates delivered in accordance with Directive 2001/14/EC, Article 32, 2003-2005

Erstellung eines Betriebskonzeptes der Saarbahnlinie 1 der Stadtbahn Saar
Stadtbahn Saar GmbH, Saarbrücken (2006)

Stadtbahn Dublin: Leistungsfähigkeitsuntersuchung für die unterirdische Wendeanlage St. Stephens Green und ein zu planendes Gleisdreieck
TransTeC Consult GmbH, Hannover (2006)

Entwicklung und Implementierung des Systems "Konstruktionsnahe Simulation (KNS)" mit dem Fahrplan- und Infrastrukturmanagementsystem RailSys® Version 4.0
DB Netz AG (2005-2006)

Berechnung von Planfällen mit dem Nemo-Modul "Strategische Netzplanung"
ÖBB Österreichische Bundesbahnen, Wien (2005-2006)

Eco-Transit Weiterentwicklung
Stinnes AG, Berlin (2004-2006)